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Watercolor originals

As many of my customers know, I do not paint in the true watercolor tradition, which is mainly big washes and sometimes generalized detail. I paint watercolor the same way other artists paint in oil, layering color, and lavishing detail on the subject. This is done with Winsor and Newton tube watercolor, which is has the most finely ground pigment available and is the most fade-resistant of commercial tube watercolor. Very small sable brushes are used to attain the level of detail that is the hallmark of my work. Watercolor paper is as important as the paint quality. Cheap papers turn brown in time and like other pulp products will eventually fall apart. So I employ only acid-free 100% cotton rag sheet paper, mostly from Arches in France.

Lithograph Prints

The process used in making these prints is offset reproduction. I look for printers that have Heidelburg Presses, considered the industry standard for fine art reproduction. Top grade acid-free non-yellowing papers employed. All prints are limited editions and are signed, numbered and registered. Certificates of Authenticity are available with some prints. Some good news - all Coker prints will go into standard sized frames available at a number of "art mart" style stores in your city or town.

Canvas Transfers

Canvas Transfers are a very popular new product, where print images are transfered to canvas. They look like oil paintings! Prices range from $55 - $150 depending on size.

Gicleè Prints

What is a "giclee" print? (pronounced “gee-clay”)

"Gicleè" (French word for "spray") printing originated in Europe in the early 1990's. It is a refinement of inkjet printing. This new reproduction technique made some quantum leaps in 2000 with better printers and when pigmented inks were introduced. Unlike offset lithograpy, each print is individually produced, eliminating inventory problems for artists and galleries. The cost per print is much higher, but is more than compensated by many positives.

"Gicleè" prints are sprayed on Somerset Velvet watercolor paper. The quality is so astonishing only a trained eye can tell the difference between a "gicleè" and the original.

As I mentioned above, the intoduction of pigmented inks was a true breakthrough. These archival inks used in a "gicleè" can last a 150 years before fading, three times as long as an offset litho print. Each print is custom printed, carefully matched to the original. With the artist free to do any number of prints he or she wishes, very small editions can be released, ensuring a great investment for collectors.

Special orders
"Gicleè" prints can also be ordered in different sizes. Costs increase with larger sizes, up to 23" wide. These prints can also be ordered on canvas. Add 25% to the list price.

Like any visual art, "gicleè" prints should not be hung where direcrt sunlight can strike it.

Resale Policy
I occaisonally receive requests take my old paintings in for resale. My work does well on the secondary market, often commanding equal or more than its original sale price. I first recommend the option of direct resale. However, I will take work for resale under these following requirements:

  1. Resales are consignment only. Your portion of the sale is paid when I sell the work. Every effort will be made to sell your work. Sorry, but I prefer not to take back reproductions.
  2. Work must be shipped or delivered to me carefully packaged to minimize damage. You must pay for shipping.
  3. I will cover all other costs of resale.
  4. This is the hard part. Your portion will be 50% of the resale. Why so much? I often have to reframe work to resell it. Some older works are repainted to bring them up to my current standards. I have to pay my website manager to put it on this site. Shipping has become an onerous expense. So my profit margin is not as large as it looks.
  5. I will determine price depending on market conditions and the age and subject matter of the work. I will try to retail the work for at least its original price.
  6. You will be sent a receipt as soon as I have the work.If you want to dispose of your piece, collection or estate this way, please contact me.

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